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Our Costs

sting Power of Attorney

Documentation of one Lasting Power of Attorney is £250.00 plus VAT for each Power of Attorney.  If documenting both types of Lasting Power of Attorney at the same time, the charge is reduced to £375.00 plus VAT for the two.

For registering each completed Lasting Power of Attorney at the Office of the Public Guardian we charge £60.00 plus VAT per Lasting Power of Attorney

The Office of the Public Guardian also charge a registration fee which is currently £82.00 per Lasting Power of Attorney*

*cost correct as at January 2021.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are dealt with by David Ward, Managing Partner and Solicitor, and Maria Boehm, Partner and Solicitor.

Timescale for the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney

We look to document Lasting Powers of Attorney within 2 weeks of receiving the instructions.  That timeline may vary depending upon any delays in the procurement of instructions and also any delays suffered with, in the case of LPAs, any of the Attorneys needing to sign and return documents to us.

Once the Lasting Power(s) of Attorney are submitted for registration to the Office of Public Guardians it does take in the region of 3 months to conclude the registration.


For documentation of a Will without complicated Trust Provisions we charge £250.00 plus VAT per Will.

For documentation of two Mirror Wills we charge £400.00 plus VAT if both are done at the same time.

Documentation of straightforward Wills/Mirror Wills without complicated Trust Provisions are dealt with by either Ella Reed or David Ward.

If the Will contains complicated Trust provisions, the costs would be charged at an hourly rate.  The matter would be dealt with by David Ward, whose hourly rate is £235.00 plus VAT per hour.  Typically, the costs for documenting a Will with complicated Trust provisions would be in the region of £1,000.00 to £1,500.00 plus VAT.

Most Wills that we prepare on behalf of clients do fall within the criteria of being Wills without complicated Trust provisions.

 Timescale for the preparation of Wills

 We look to document Wills within 2 weeks of receiving the instructions.  That timeline may vary depending upon any delays in the procurement of instructions and also any delays suffered in the signing process.

Obtaining Probate/Grant of Letters of Administration

Costs for obtaining Probate do depend upon how much time is spent on the matter.  The matter will be charged at an hourly rate, depending upon which fee earners deals with the matter.

Generally, the costs for taking instructions and procuring Probate for a small uncomplicated Estate are in the region of £1,200.00 to £1,500.00 plus VAT.

If the Estate is large and/or complicated or particularly involved and time consuming, typically the costs are in the region of £5,000.00 to £10,000.00 plus VAT.

It does need to be appreciated that apart from where fixed fees are agreed, all of the costs estimated may be higher or lower depending upon how much time is spent on the matter. 

 Upon request, we will gladly provide bespoke quotes or estimates.  Where matters are proceeding on the basis of an estimate, that estimate will be regularly reviewed.

Third party costs – the third party costs are the costs incurred in procuring the Probate.  These may include:-

Probate Court Fees, including fees payable for office copy entries – these currently cost £161.00 plus 50p for each additional copy the Probate requires;

Land Registry fees. These are generally £6.00 for obtaining a copy of the Title and file plan of the property.  For any changes in the Land Registry Register of Title, fees are payable to the Land Registry of Title, fees are payable to the Land Registry in accordance with the Land Registry scale fees.  They do depend upon the value of the transaction.  Where possible, we do endeavour to submit the Application online, which does often have the affect of reducing the Land Registry fee by 50%.

Occasionally, fees are payable for statutory advertisements if required.

If a property was involved, you would need to obtain a property valuation. The costs for obtaining a property valuation are in the region of £400.00 plus VAT.  Those costs are payable to the surveying practice you decide to instruct.

The timescale for Probate and procuring Letters of Administration

The Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration is prepared and submitted within 4 to 6 weeks of us having all relevant information.  It can sometimes take several months to obtain all of the relevant information.  When the Application to the Probate Registry is submitted, the Probate Registry are generally taking in the region of 3 months plus to process the application.

For those Estates where inheritance tax is payable, delays can be suffered in procuring clarity of liability from HMRC as to the Estate’s liability.

Probates and Letters of Administration are dealt with by either David Ward and Maria Boehm.  They may be assisted by Ella Reed, a Paralegal.


Divorce costs are dependent on the complexities involved in the matter.

The below costs are based on a fairly straightforward divorce matter.

Divorce Petitions are the starting point and basis of a divorce.  Usually we would arrange an initial consultation to discuss the matter.  Consultations with Maria Boehm are fixed at £150.00 plus VAT.

In respect of drafting the divorce Petition, those costs are usually in the region of £400.00 – £600.00 plus VAT.  There is then a Court fee payable of £550.00.

On the basis that the Respondent (your former spouse) does not oppose the divorce, we can then apply for a Decree Nisi which is the interim Divorce Order.  Costs for this application are in the region of £90.00 – £150.00 plus VAT.

In order to turn the Decree Nisi into a Decree Absolute (the final Divorce Order), there is a further application required which does cost in the region of £90.00 – £120.00 plus VAT.

Divorce Finances

In respect of the finances upon divorce, including the distribution of any Properties, it is often quite difficult to provide an accurate cost estimate without knowledge of what the matrimonial assets are comprised of.  These costs are provided to indicate that, but matters are run on a time basis, and if you are interested in proceeding with a divorce finances matter we would ask you do make contact with the office to procure a more accurate estimate.

On the basis that finances are agreed between you and your former spouse and the nature of our instruction is limited to documenting a Consent Order and submitting that for you, the costs in that process are likely to be in the region of £600.00 – £1,000.00 plus VAT plus a Court fee of £50.00.

If finances are contested, the costs are likely to be considerably higher than this.

In the event that finances are contested there are no less than 3 Hearings likely to be required in the event that finances are disputed right up to the Final Hearing.  Costs can range between £3,000.00 – £10,000.00 plus VAT’s worth of time costings, plus Court fees and any fees for Counsel representation at Court Hearings.

We would endeavour when taking a divorce finances instruction to provide a more personalised/case specific estimate as and when the issues involved became clear.  To that end however, if finances are disputed the parties will need to enter into Form E’s.  A Form E is a detailed financial disclosure document with a number of extra documentation being required and the costs of documenting your Form E and reviewing and analysing the other parties Form E are substantial and cannot in that process be avoided.

Debt Matters

Initial review and letter of advice: £200.00 plus VAT
Letter of Claim: £200.00 plus VAT
Commencing Court Proceedings: £250.00 plus VAT

Once proceedings have been commenced, the costs thereafter depends upon whether or not the matter is defended.

If the matter is not defended, we would endeavour to obtain Judgment in Default.  The costs of doing that would be:

If the matter is defended, there will be a number of steps that would need to be taken in the time up to the final Hearing.  These would include:-

·                         Considering and replying to a Defence;

·                         Allocationnaire & Directions.  This may                                        involve a Case Management Hearing;

·                         Disclosure of documents and inspection;

·                         Taking instructions and preparing Witness                                 Statements;

·                         Pre-Trial Checklist;

·                         Preparing Trial Bundle;

·                         Liaising with and providing appropriate instructions to the Barrister or the advocate to present the Case at the Hearing if not dealt with by an Advocate in the Practice;


£150.00 plus VAT

Time spent at Trial Generally, these costs would be in the region of £5,000.00 to £8,000.00 plus VAT.


If the matter is not defended – 2 to 3 months.

If the matter is defended, the timeline is somewhat uncertain.  It does, among other things, rely on the Court and Judge availability, and the complexities of the matter.  Normally, the timeline would be between 6 months to 2 years.


For involved litigation matters the costs would need to be considered, having regard to the issues and the complexities of the matter.

Costs would be billed at the hourly rate of the appropriate fee earner.  An estimate of likely costs would be given at that time.  That estimate would very much depend upon the complexities and the issues involved in the particular litigation matter as would the timelines for dealing with the various aspects of the matter.

Depending upon the complexities of the matter, there may be scope for agreeing to fix fees for certain stages of the matter.

Litigation matters are dealt with by either David Ward or Maria Boehm.



Conveyancing transactions in the Practice are dealt with by either David Ward, Danielle Motley, a Paralegal, or Rosie Titmuss, a Paralegal in the Practice.

Standard Purchase Fees

Property value                                                                     Price

Up to £100,000.00                                                                £850.00 + VAT

Up to £150,000.00                                                                £875.00 + VAT

Up to £200,000.00                                                                £925.00 + VAT

Up to £250,000.00                                                                £950.00 + VAT

Up to £300,000.00                                                                £1,000.00 + VAT

Up to £350,000.00                                                                £1,050.00 + VAT

Up to £400,000.00                                                                £1,150.00 + VAT

Up to £450,000.00                                                                £1,200.00 + VAT

Up to £500,000.00                                                                £1,350.00 + VAT

Above £500,000.00                                                              Purchase price x 0.25% + VAT


£1,300.00 + VAT (if higher)

Standard Sale Fees

Up to £150,000.00                                                                £825.00 + VAT

Up to £200,000.00                                                                £875.00 + VAT

Up to £250,000.00                                                                £900.00 + VAT

Up to £300,000.00                                                                £925.00 + VAT

Up to £350,000.00                                                                £950.00 + VAT

Up to £400,000.00                                                               £1,000.00 + VAT

Up to £450,000.00                                                                £1,050.00 + VAT

Up to £500,000.00                                                                £1,100.00 + VAT

Above £500,000.00                                                              Sale price x 0.20% + VAT


£1,100.00 + VAT (if higher)

Other Fees payable in addition (if applicable)

Help to Buy ISA                                                                       £50.00 + VAT

Help to Buy Equity Loan                                                        £300.00 + VAT

Leasehold                                                                                £400.00 + VAT

Transfer of Equity                                                                  £400.00 + VAT

Remortgage                                                                            £450.00 + VAT

Transfer of Equity and Remortgage                                    £650.00 + VAT

New Build                                                                                £400.00 + VAT

Gifted Deposit                                                                         £75.00 + VAT

Occupier Cosnet required (purchase)                                £50.00 + VAT

Transaction at an Undervalue (stat dec required)           £75.00 + VAT

Additional Mortgage                                                              £50.00 + VAT

Freehold Management Company )Purchase/Sale)          £75.00 + VAT

Other Disbursements

Search Pack –                                                                            205.00

-Local Search fee                                                                           –

-Water Search fee                                                                         –

-Environmental Search                                                                 –

-Chancel Repair Indemnity                                                          –

Land Registry Search Fee                                                          3.00

Bankruptcy Search Fee (£2.00 per name searched)          2.00

AML and Document Check (£4.00 per name searched)    6.30

Telegraphic Transfer fee                                                           35.00 plus VAT per transfer

Land Registry Fee                                                                      Varies depending upon the value of the property       


In conveyancing transactions, the matter can only be progressed as quickly as the slowest person in the chain of transactions, if there is a chain of transactions.  Generally, most conveyancing transactions will be progressed to a completion within 2 to 3 months of the initial instruction.  This does vary, depending upon the time taken in procuring responses from other parties involved in the transaction and is also dependant upon receipt of a satisfactory Mortgage Offer, if an acquisition is being funded by finance.

Business Leases

For documenting a Business Lease the costs are either charged on a time basis or an agreed fixed fee.  The costs typically for documenting a Lease are £2,000.00 to  £2,500.00 plus VAT plus £600.00 plus VAT for each ancillary document such as Rent Deposit Deeds and Licences for Alterations.

These matters are generally dealt with by David Ward with assistance of Ryan Freeman.

Business Sales/Purchases

Business Sales and Purchases can be particularly complicated and can be dealt with either by way of an Asset Sale or a Share Sale.  Often, the sale/purchase involves a Property and that aspect of the matter would normally be quoted for separately.

The costs for dealing with a Business Sale Agreement and documenting that Business Sale Agreement and the ancillary documents are charged on a time basis.  Costs are typically in the region of £2,000.00 – £10,000.00 plus VAT.

These matters are dealt with by David Ward who would be assisted by Ryan Freeman.


The Practice is not currently doing general employment matters.  It does however advise on Settlement Agreements.  Generally the costs are payable by the Employers.  These matters are either dealt with by David Ward or Maria Boehm and we would normally agree to proceed on a fixed fee basis.  The fixed fee is generally determined, having regard to the documentation and the various issues and complexities of the matter, but generally costs are fixed at a fee of £250.00 plus VAT to £1,000.00 plus VAT.

Independent Legal Advice

Independent Legal Advice is usually done on an agreed fixed fee.  That fixed fee does depend upon what the Independent Legal Advice involves and how many documents are involved and need to be considered in conjunction with giving that advice.

Most Independent Legal Advice involves the giving of advice in respect of a Guarantee on a residential transaction or an occupier, or the postponement/waiver of rights in a Property.

The Practice’s fees for those matters is usually fixed at £250.00 plus VAT for the advice given on one set of documents for one client.

If there is more than one client and the advice is being given to two clients at the same time, the fee would be reduced to £200.00 plus VAT per client.  Even if advice is given jointly, we would need to see each of those clients separately to ensure that they are not in any way being unduly influenced, duressed or coerced.

The only disbursement that is generally incurred in providing this advice is an Anti Money Laundering (AML) search which costs £6.30* inclusive of VAT per person.

If any other searches were required they would be detailed prior to them being incurred.  They may include the cost of getting a copy of the Title Register from the Land Registry which costs £3.00* and/or a bankruptcy search which costs £2.00* per name searched

*costs correct as at January 2021

For other types of Independent Legal Advice details of what the matter involves would need to be given prior to the Practice being able to commit to a fixed price.  Normally the costs would be fixed at a cost of £500.00 – £1,000.00 plus VAT.  Alternatively, the matter can merely be progressed on an hourly rate time basis at the appropriate fee earners hourly rate.

Independent legal advice is generally dealt with by David Ward.